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Shining A Light On Miscarriage

A place to gather and share information about miscarriage

This website is a space dedicated to sharing information and gathering research primarily about the topic of miscarriage, with an aim to extend into other issues affecting our unborn children.

If you have experienced a miscarriage, or would like to learn more about the topic for whatever reason, my aim is that this will be a place to find heartfelt and useful information. I would love to share information which may help you take responsibility and develop greater personal emotional awareness on your journey to healing. 


Just a girl looking for answers...

My interest and passion for this subject has been slow to develop, but was initially sparked by what I would describe as one of the most traumatic experiences of my adult life. In 2013 I fell pregnant, and within a few short weeks miscarried the child. I had no idea the effect this entire process would have on me, and the emotions that would be uncovered, denied, expressed and battled with. 

Of course, after such an event, you want answers. I was physically healthy, young, fit. Why did this happen to me? In my case, there was a lot of shame and guilt, and personal judgment about my value as a woman. I became extremely heightened to all I felt I had lost through the loss of this child, and subsequently what I believed I had stood to gain. I realised I was actually wanting a lot from this unborn child. 

The evidence and research around the cause of miscarriage is notoriously unsatisfying for parents going through the experience. Miscarriage is the most common pregnancy 'complication', and although scientists keep searching and searching for causes, there does not seem to be a solid foundation from which we can move forward on this issue. 

My particular area of interest is in the connection between the parent's emotions, beliefs, expectations and fears (all forms of emotion, whether one is aware of them or currently unaware or in denial of them), and the pregnancy outcome. I have discovered some fascinating information about the nature of the unborn child's sensitive and feeling soul, and the way it interacts with the parent's emotions (see resources).  I would like to initially conduct research to further understand and substantiate this connection, and how it relates to miscarriage. 

I come from a background of diverse interest, covering health and social sciences. I have studied health research in a Bachelor of Science degree, worked as a registered nurse, worked in numerous social service roles, and am now studying a diploma integrated somatic psychotherapy. I am very interested in learning more about what the true cause of social and health issues are, as it is only through uncovering and healing the cause of an issue that any true and lasting change can result.

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The Story of my Miscarriage

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I want to know your story...

This is an experiment. Not only is my aim to share what I have personally experienced, and share some awesome resources which may help you to both heal and develop an understanding as to how and why miscarriage occurs,  but I want you to help me learn more about the experience of miscarriage. I know the exact life circumstances are different for each woman, but it is my goal to gather enough data to enable profiling of women who experience miscarriage, which may lead to uncovering the common themes. Let's face it; what is currently known about the cause of miscarriage is unsatisfactory, and still does not address the deeper causes: why did the embryo develop genetic abnormalities in the first place? Why does the body create physical conditions not conducive to carrying life for some and not others? How is it that the female body is designed to carry life yet there are so often complications? To state these as causes is not enough. We must learn why they happen, and my belief is that we must delve deeper than the physical to truly uncover what is going on. I would love to see an end to this sad occurrence which is the cause of so much heartache, confusion and grief on the planet.

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