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Some resources to help you on your path to learning more truth about miscarriage

Emotions and the Human Soul

In order to understand the full truth of what leads to a miscarriage event, I believe it is important to come to an awareness of the nature of the human being as more than just a physical body. There is a lot of information available to show that the body has it's own energetic system connected to the physical, and how this is related to our emotions, beliefs, and experience. You may want to do your own research to gain a better understanding, as there are a lot of articles available online, along with visiting the 'current research' page on this site. On this page I am focusing on information given via the teachings of Divine Truth, as I have found it to be the most logical and comprehensive.

Many healing modalities such as reiki, acupuncture, kinesiology and reflexology act by manipulating the energy circuits in our energetic body which can assist in healing processes.

However I have also learnt that not only do we have a physical body and a spirit or energetic body, but we also have a soul. This is where things get even more interesting, (smile), as its the soul which is the 'real' me; the home of my personality, passions, interests, desires, current emotions and beliefs (both loving and fearful), intentions (both good and bad) and memories etc.  I think its probably important to understand how painful emotions are stored in the soul, how they affect our life, and how they are released before moving on to the specifics of miscarriage. 

I have found the most comprehensive information about the nature of the soul through the teachings of Divine Truth:

How The Human Soul Functions S1P1

Introductory comments for all emotions and feelings sessions

View entire playlist here:

What is Emotion?

Q: How do I actually 'process' my emotions?

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