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Help me to learn more about the cause of miscarriage

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I want you to help me learn more about the experience of miscarriage. I know the exact life circumstances are different for each woman and man, but it is my goal to gather enough data to enable profiling of women who experience miscarriage (and also the fathers), which may lead to uncovering the common themes. We must learn why miscarriage happens, and my belief is that we need to delve deeper than the physical to truly uncover what is going on. I would love to see an end to this sad occurrence which is the cause of so much heartache, confusion and grief on the planet.

I have designed a survey which I hope will provide a space for you to share how your miscarriage/s affected you, and uncover some personal beliefs surrounding the event. You can remain anonymous if you wish. 

I am still working from a hypothesis generated from my own experience and from what I have learnt. There is the possibility that I will discover new information in the future and have to update information on my website and questions in the survey. This is an experiment!

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to ask for any clarifying information after you have completed the survey, please feel free to contact me via the contact form. 

I hope to add a survey specifically for men in the near future, as this one is directed at women.

Please click on the link below to begin the survey!

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