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Some resources to help you on your path to learning more truth about miscarriage


As listed on the current research page, the field of miscarriage research has focused primarily on problems in the physical body, and the results still struggle to be conclusive and satisfactory. 

This page lists some short clips, interviews, channeling, and discussion with AJ Miller/Jesus, Mary Luck/Magdalene and others on the topic of miscarriage and abortion. Abortion is included here as some of the discussions incorporate both topics. 

Interviews on the topic of abortion and miscarriage

The following are excerpts from the Abortion S1 and S2 interviews, specifically on the topic of miscarriage:

"What I would classify as a miscarriage is taking the life of a child, but not understanding the reason why. Many parents, who have miscarried, have no understanding as to the emotional causes as to why the miscarriage happened. Some view it as, “God took it from me.” Some view it as a physical problem in their body. Some see all sorts of reasons as to why a miscarriage occurs. Each one of the reasons is linked to different emotions. Very few people who have a miscarriage look at the emotions associated with the miscarriage." AJ Miller/Jesus


"A lot of times for the children who are conceived they feel heavily oppressed by the emotions. One emotion that causes a lot of miscarriages is a deep desire in mothers to become a mother. That might sound a bit strange, but many women on Earth do not believe they are a real woman until they become a mother. Therefore, to them becoming a real woman is dependent upon having a child. Because of that, this emotion is projected at the child and so the child is already seeing the role that it has. And that is, it is helping the mother to become a mother. The child is not been loved under those circumstances, it is being selfishly taken from. There are many other circumstances whereby the unborn child is being selfishly taken from. It repels the child from the womb so strongly that the child can no longer maintain a physical connection between its soul, and the physical body. As soon as a soul cannot maintain a connection between the soul and the physical body, the physical body will terminate." AJ Miller/Jesus


"Many parents do not understand the emotions that are causing miscarriages. I would call that an unwitting abortion in a way. There are emotions inside of the parents which they do not understand and are unconscious of or are ignorant about, that cause the child to miscarry. The key is to address those emotions. If you address those emotions you will never have another miscarriage. There are many women who have many miscarriages, and if you address the emotion that causes the miscarriage you will never have another miscarriage." AJ Miller/Jesus

"Some women miscarriage boys and some women miscarriage girls. If you know the gender of the child you have miscarried it will tell you a lot about the emotion and the affect it has. For example, many boys are miscarried because women hate men. They don’t want to bring another man into the world because they perceive that it will be like the men they see around them, and so they often want to miscarriage the male child." AJ Miller/Jesus

"With a miscarriage, usually the parent does not want the child to die. Often what they are doing is putting roles upon the child even before the child is born, which is part of the problem with a miscarriage. Whereas with an abortion, the parent wants the child to die. There are a whole set of different emotions involved with what the child has to address, and of course the parents need to address. It is always both parents, and it is not just both parents’ emotions; it is their belief system that also generates a lot of this." AJ Miller/Jesus


"A lot of mothers grieve miscarriages for incorrect reasons. A lot of times the grief is associated with selfishness they have inside of them, rather than grief for the child. In other words, they are grieving their own life rather than grieving for the child. A lot of times they are grieving what a pregnancy and birth would mean to them. For many women, the birth now means that they are now a mother. This emotion often causes the miscarriage in the first place. So when the miscarriage occurs they are now grieving that they have missed out on this opportunity to be a mother." AJ Miller/Jesus

"Often they have a lot of unworthy feelings they need to work through that have no relationship to the child itself, but have every relationship to what they believe to be the child’s role. Often times the mother is not grieving about the child itself, or the potential connection with the child. The reality is that there is no loss of that potential connection. The child has the ability to come and visit you whenever you want, and also a lot of mothers do not realise that in the sleep state they have the ability to play with their child whenever they want, and to be with their child whenever they want. In fact, many mothers take full responsibility for the care of their child while they are asleep. It is only when they come to Earth that they can’t feel the child around them, and so many mothers are feeling the grief of that." AJ Miller/Jesus

Mediumship and channeling spirits


The process of channeling people who once lived on earth who have now passed into the spirit world is demonstrated here as Mary channels a boy named Nathan, who was miscarried and did not live a live on earth. Mediumship is a powerful way to learn about the spirit world, about what happens when we die, and in this case, a demonstration of the fact that children who died as a result of miscarriage (and anyone who dies for that matter) continue to exist and live a real existence, and must deal with the emotional consequences of having been miscarried.. 

Short Clips

The following are some short clips that have been taken from longer seminars, pertaining to the topic of miscarriage.

My Personal Miscarriage Story

The following is a short animated film I created to describe in brief my personal experience of miscarriage and what I have learnt about why it happened. 

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